My First Ever Akashic Records Session

In typical Danielle fashion, I made an appointment for an Akashic Records session without knowing what the Akashic Records were.

I had gone through Reiki I and II trainings and was looking at the menu of offerings from my Reiki teacher. "Akashic Records" was listed as a type of appointment you could make with her. I thought to myself, "Well...haven't done that one yet so why not?"

And that's how I ended up sitting at the table in my teacher's office thinking to myself hmmm...what did I get myself into? My teacher explained everything to me, gave me a sheet of paper, and told me to write down a list of questions that I wanted to ask my Guides.

It's like when your English teacher in middle school told you to take out a sheet of paper and to write any type of story you wanted. The mind goes blank. BLANK.

I wrote down one question and looked helplessly at my teacher.

So off we went into my records with my one question and a deer-in-the-headlights mindset.

Luckily, my teacher, being the amazing and compassionate person that she is, knew exactly how to navigate my open-minded confusion. I did learn some interesting information that day. I was told that I had a special talent with crystals and that I knew how to "communicate" with them. (Ya right, I thought.<eye roll>) I was told that my purpose in life was to connect people with their true selves. (Ok...if you say so.)

I left thinking that it was a very interesting experience. And then I didn't think anything else about it...until months later when I looked around and realized that everything I was told actually was true. Inexplicably. Oddly. But very concretely. True.

So here I am. Since that first reading, I have explored the topic extensively, had several trainings, and I am in my records every single day.

Here is my perspective from where I stand today. Working with the Akashic Records is both humbling and expansive. Being an Akashic Records reader for others is an honor. It is not fortune telling or predicting the future. That would be called a psychic reading and I am happy to refer you to someone if that is what you seek.

The Akashic Records is a relationship with your Guides that is based on your Highest Good. It leads to understanding, expansive energy, and new perspectives. To be honest, sometimes it is confusing and frustrating as the Guides try to push you through blockages and on to the next level. If you are someone who is curious about growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, this is the path for you.

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