7 Uncommon Crystals for Yogis

I have been submerged in the yoga scene for several years now. It has brought me healing, peace, and so much laughter. (Cause no one be crazier than a group of yogis.) While it can feel intimidating to first get into, the world of yoga is incredibly welcoming, open-minded, and kind. 

For those who have not dipped their toe into the yogic waters yet, we are here when you are ready. For those who are already in the deep end of the pool, hi friend!

If you are like me, you are intrigued by the Yoga Sutras and all similar philosophies that help us to remember our true selves and connect with our purpose. We tend to be interested in compassion, acceptance, vision (intuition), union, and manifestation. Crystals go along well with this path and I have found that yogis are more and more interested in the meaning and uses of crystals.

Many of us know the popular stones: quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, etc. However, there is a whole amazing world of crystals that goes beyond these more common choices. Let's go off the beaten path! Below, I share my top seven less common crystals for yogis and those on the yogic path.

I have linked the stones with current listings. If any of the links do not work, this means that particular stone has sold out for now. Just send me a message and let me know you're interested!

Arfvedsonite with Garnet

This is a stone that provides vision and connection with the true self. It helps you to see yourself clearly and to see the truth in situations. There is an action of manifestation in which you see the possibilities and then bring those into reality. All of this occurs surrounded by nurturing, safe energy. This combination of stones connects with the third eye, throat, and root chakras (at a minimum). Garnet is known as a prosperity stone and it is easy to understand how this can happen once you are in touch with the truth of who you are and you have the courage to act in this way.

Pink Samadhi Quartz

Pink samadhi quartz is an extremely rare form of quartz that is only found in the Himalayas region. Samadhi is a Sanskrit term referring to union and oneness. These crystals carry that energy! It provides a sense of peace and joyful possibility. It emanates with the power of love and dissolves internal and external boundaries. (I cannot stress enough how powerful this stone feels!)


This is a stone of physical strength, vitality, grounding, and discrimination. Grounding is an important aspect that many spiritual individuals overlook or deem unnecessary. On the contrary, grounding is what enables us to have energy and to manifest physical realities (as opposed to simply imagining them). Sphalerite also helps with discrimination, in that it can help an individual determine the difference between spiritual guidance and fantasy. In other words, are you receiving information from a higher source or are you simply imagining that you are? This stone is very important for any person wanting to expand their spirituality. Expand by first grounding down. 


"The Namaste Stone". Prasiolite is a stone of the heart and bridges the lower and upper chakras. It is referred to as the Namaste stone and carries the same vibration as that saying. It is a stone of connecting to everything surrounding us. It enables one to recognize the Divine within ourselves and to feel connected to the Divine within all others.


Trolleite is a stone that awakens the upper chakras, promoting connection with your higher self and beyond. It is of great use during meditation as it creates a soothing and uplifting energy. As it affects the third eye, it can deepen intuition and synchronicities.


The description for stilbite includes the phrase "unceasing joy". Need I say more? This stone has a calming influence that opens and heals the heart. When I hold it, I find that I am unconsciously smiling. Other than holding it close during the day, it can also be used to aid in meditation and to find peaceful sleep. This is an incredibly nurturing stone.

Super 7

Super 7 crystals are amazing and powerful specimens that include 7 different crystals in one! Super 7 crystals include: quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrocite, and rutile. As you can imagine, Super 7 crystals are very intense! These crystals contain all of the properties of each of the 7 included minerals and they never need to be cleansed! Super 7 crystals help to increase all types of intuition. It helps you to feel your self worth completely and, in so doing, helps you to fully step into your life's purpose. It also enhances communication and connection with Guides and Spirit.

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