Realigning Attunement: Boost Your Intentions!

I'm going to stop eating chocolate this year.

Actually, nope. Strike that. If nothing else, let's be realistic. 

I will eat as much chocolate as I want but it will only be dark chocolate. 

Manageable. Practical. I can get on board with this. 

It's that time of year, friends. The start of the new year prompts reflection about the past year and what we might want to go differently this year. Generally, this results in specific intentions for either results we want to see or behaviors that can get us to those results. 

Unfortunately, by February, we usually slide away from these intentions and settle into a "this is good enough" energy. It's ok if I eat the sugary milk chocolate just this once. Or, really once a week won't affect anything. When I really think about it, it's just chocolate. It is, like, so not a big deal. Why am I being do dramatic? And also, don't tell me what to do (I yell at myself). I'll eat the chocolate if I want to eat the chocolate. <Commence ridiculous chocolate consumption until the start of the next year.>

Whether it's nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, or other goals, I'm sure you've been in this same (kinda crazy) headspace. Well...good news. I've got something up my sleeve that will totally help. It's like the secret of the Reiki toolbox. To be clear, it shouldn't be a secret. We should be using this regularly, so let's get it out in the open. 

It is called the Realigning Attunement. Here's the short summary: A Realigning Attunement is based on taking an intention and setting it into every cell of your body and every layer of the body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). We take the energy of your intention and realign your body so that you are vibrating at that same frequency. You are, in effect, aligned with your intention. 

Anyone can undergo a Realigning Attunement. You do not have to be trained in Reiki to experience this. A session lasts between 40-60 minutes. We will first discuss your intention and get the wording of it just right as this is very important. Then you will relax and receive the attunement. This can be done in person or at a distance.

Now, here is the tricky part. The process of setting the intention into every layer of your being takes 21 days. The energy works on each chakra for three days, one day on physical level, one on the emotional/mental, and one on the spiritual level. How people feel during that time can vary greatly. Some people don't notice anything; others alternate between feeling tired and feeling energized; still others can have physical symptoms such as upset stomach or even headaches. Each attunement is unique and the 21 days will be unique as well.

If you are paying attention to the energy, you will notice that, by the end of the 21 days, tiny subtle shifts can be detected. In my experience, the effects of an attunement usually show up a few months later when a specific situation occurs and I react very differently than I had in the past. That is always my aha! moment when I realize I have changed and that I am living that intention with which I started the process. 

You may be wondering about what type of intention should be used for an attunement. Really, it can be anything! You can choose a broad intention or get more specific with it. Here are a few examples:

  • My heart is open to giving and receiving love.
  • I enjoy physical exercise and feel stronger in my body.
  • I approach all things with joy.
  • I attract a career/job that is in line with my soul's purpose.
  • I choose to only eat dark chocolate and enjoy every bite.

A Realigning Attunement is not magic. It will not spontaneously fix all the problems in your life. A Realigning Attunement is energy. It will help you to shift so that you face your life differently, from a more aligned place. From this place, we are better able to attract similarly aligned people and events.

Worth a shot, right? The start of the new year is a super duper fantastic time to have a Realigning Attunement. What is the energy you are trying to achieve/attract this year? Get yourself aligned with this from the start and notice how this shifts what you experience.

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