"Our own true nature is infinite joy! Always happy, always peaceful, always free." ~Swami Satchidananda

Danielle Parker came to yoga via meditation. As an undergraduate, she decided to get an "easy A" by taking a course titled Meditation in Indian Culture. While she did not get an A, she did become hooked on meditation. More than a decade later, after kids and jobs and way too much Real Life, she came across yoga as she attempted to rediscover her meditation practice. She was amazed at the connection between body and breathe and the corresponding effect it had on her mind.

Danielle is trained in the lineage of Swami Satchidananda. When teaching, she focuses on correct alignment in order to enjoy yoga and to prevent injuries. Having trained in a variety of yoga styles, her classes include mindful vinyasa (flow) coupled with various other techniques, from yin yoga to gentle somatic yoga with the ultimate goal being mind-body-soul connection.

    Expect to move. Expect to breathe. Expect to smile.

    Danielle is a Yoga Alliance 500-hour yoga instructor as well as a Level 2 certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Instructor.

    This class takes place at Smart Girl Self Defense in Albuquerque. Please register here for class!



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