Akashic Records Intro

The most helpful description of the Akashic Records is to think of it as a library.

For example, imagine there is a Danielle Library. The books inside the library contain every thought, action, and feeling that I have ever had in every life. This library is my Akashic Records.

There is a library just like this for you as well. These are your Akashic Records. Your Akashic Records (your library) is guarded by several spirit guides and loved ones who are intent on helping you in this life. They have read every book and know everything about you and your lives.

In an Akashic consultation, you ask the guides questions and they answer based on all the info in your records. I am simply the translator in this process.

Important Note: There is not a question that your guides do not know the answer to; however, they will only tell you what you are ready to know right now. This means that, once in a while, you will ask a question and they won’t really answer it completely…or at all. This is ok! At some point, you will have grown spiritually and then you can ask the question again.

Asking Questions

The information gathered in the Akashic Records do not predict the future. It is helpful guidance for our lives. It is helpful to come with some questions prepared for you to ask.

All questions asked need to come from your point of view. In preparing your questions, focus on asking in the first person and how the experience pertains to you. For example, ask "How may I help my daughter during this challenging time for her? Do not ask, "What is wrong with my daughter?"

The best questions to ask begin with: What, How, When, Explain, Describe, Tell me

Try to limit these types of questions:

Yes/No questions.

The information you will receive from a “yes/no” question is often limited. This type of question may also prevent you from receiving information regarding possible solutions, lessons to learn and growth possibilities or experiences.

“Who” questions

Who questions can be very limiting as well and can lead to blame rather than personal responsibility, self- discovery, personal growth and spiritual maturation

Avoid questions asking with "should" or "when":


There are no “shoulds” in the Records, Just possibilities. Instead of asking, "What should I do..." try asking:

  • "What do you recommend"
  • "How might I do this differently"
  • "What is a better way of doing this?


It is difficult for The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones to predict when an experience is going to happen for a variety of reasons. Time is not the same in the Akashic Field as in the human realm. Usually there is a sequence of events (action steps) that need to take place before an experience can take place. The timeline of “when” usually depends on your choices. Other people involved in the “when” also have free will and may make choices that influence the outcome. It is very difficult to predict when all of those actions will align.

Free will

You have the choice to follow through with what The Masters Teachers and Loved Ones suggest you do. You do not have to do anything they recommend. It is your choice.

Sample Questions

  • What is my soul’s purpose this lifetime? What can I do to fulfill this purpose?
  • What do you suggest I do to deepen my divine connection (or to connect to my true self)?
  • How can I deepen my relationship with myself?
  • How can I deepen and support my relationship with ___________?
  • What are my strengths? What are my self-imposed obstacles? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • What is the cause of my (insert health issue here)? What do you suggest I do to initiate healing?
  • What patterns/obstacles have I placed in the way of prosperity/abundance? How do you suggest I shift this energy?
  • Why does _________________’s behavior trigger me? What lesson can be learned from this?

Other topics: parenting, career, everyday projects, daily challenges, hidden talents, emotional wounds, etc.

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