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How To Choose a Crystal

Steps in Becoming Aligned with Crystal Energy You are a practical human being who does not believe in anything woo woo. Don't be silly - crystals?? Really?! An event happens that makes you question your assumptions. Is it possible that there is more to Life than what you have believed? Crystals?? Maybe?! You decide to choose 1 crystal and see what happens. One crystal, that's all. You turn into a Crazy Crystal Lady/Man. If you happen to be stuck on Step #4, I am here to give some guidance! In my opinion and experience working with myself and others, there...

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Balancing Chakras with Crystals

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about understanding chakras. I explained the qualities of each major chakra as well as symptoms of being overactive or underactive in that chakra. (Read blog post here.)  As you start to become more aware of the chakras and their characteristics, you will start to notice when they start to swing out of balance or alignment. You might feel it on a physical level. Perhaps you lose your voice right before you have to give a big speech (unbalanced throat chakra). It's possible you will feel chakra energy on an emotional level. Perhaps...

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Engaging with the Akashic Records

Every time we enter the Akashic Records, we are hoping to receive guidance that will help us on our journey. To that end, it makes sense to do what we can in order to maximize the amount of guidance received! There are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind in order to do so. 1. Talk back to the Guides. Because this is such a cool (but perhaps different) type of thing to do, many people think that they have to sit still and simply accept whatever the Guides tell them. This is not the case! An Akashic...

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Tough Girl Says YES

I used to think yoga had no point. It was just stretching (and who needs to stretch, really). It was people saying philosophical phrases - "breathe into the sensation" - trying to forget reality. Life is hard! Why are they trying to cover it up with nicety and poetic statements, I thought to myself.  I was, I suppose, a slightly different person at that point. I ran religiously. Uphill in both directions. I injured my elbow doing cardio kickboxing because I was punching too hard. I went through a weight lifting phase and also took a boxing class in college....

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Balancing Attunement: Underestimated & Powerful

In the toolbox available to Salty Blossom customers, you will find yoga, crystals, Reiki, and Akashic Records. Somewhat hidden within those offerings lies a powerful and underused process for healing. It is listed on the "menu" as Balancing / Realigning Attunement. This is a sacred Reiki process that results in healing but has everything to do with alignment. We often say that there are 4 layers of the body: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When those aspects of ourselves are not aligned with each other, discomfort results. For example, if emotionally and mentally I need to take a break and slow...

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