Happy Little Things

The Snake on the Wall

Last night during dinner, my son Liam looked out the window and said, very calmly and full of wonder, "Hey look - there's a snake on the wall." I should perhaps pause to tell you that in this area, cinderblock walls separate one property from the next. The wall in our backyard is quite tall, much taller than any of us. Back to my story, my husband Earl turns to gaze out the window and equally calmly says, "Huh...yeah, you're right." It took me a few beats to catch up. The words that were coming out of their mouths did...

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Wondering About Rocks

I'm sure you've heard this before: We are made of stardust. Beautiful statement. Sounds lovely and far-fetched and somewhat magical. Not only that but it's totally true! We are indeed composed of elements created in supernovas. This statement is, in fact, a perfect meeting of something magical that is also scientifically correct. Cool. How about this one: Have you heard that space dust is continually falling on us every day? That's a wild thought. Particles from outer space fall to our skin every day?! I'm happy to say that this is also correct. It's estimated that 100 metric tons of space dust...

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The Good Stuff Is Coming

Did anyone else experience a challenging start to 2023?! I ended up resigning from a job I thought I loved, wading through two months of negativity to do so. My son is officially taller than me now (when did that happen?). And, worst of all, I found out that my favorite chocolate brand does not source their chocolate sustainably. I mean, come on Universe.  Well, people, get ready because June is here and it feels fantastic. Can you feel it too?  I have spoken with many of you via sessions, just casually, or even while in the hairdresser's chair (where...

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Using Reiki Training in Your Career

As many of you know, I love working with adolescents (middle school and high school). This is not a common statement. "Love" and "adolescents" are not usually strung together in the same sentence. I guess I can understand. I did have a student throw a hammer across the room at another student once. I can vividly remember the one day when a student took off her shoes and I thought I was going to pass out from the stench. Not to mention that one student who simply hid under the desk when she didn't want to do any work... But...

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Eclipse Season Recommendations

Two eclipses...back to back...should be be happy or scared? I am not an expert on astrology but I would say: let's go ahead and be both. The first eclipse was a solar new moon eclipse and occurred last week on April 19. The next one will be a lunar full moon eclipse on May 5. The themes for both of these eclipses are similar: destruction of what is no longer working in your life and creation of something even better. These are themes that tend to happen during each monthly moon cycle; however, eclipses take that energy and magnify it by...

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