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Realigning Attunement: Boost Your Intentions!

It is called the Realigning Attunement. Here's the short summary: A Realigning Attunement is based on taking an intention and setting it into every cell of your body and every layer of the body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). We take the energy of your intention and realign your body so that you are vibrating at that same frequency. You are, in effect, aligned with your intention. 

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5 Unique Ways to Use Reiki (As a Client or a Practitioner)

Reiki. It's awesome. Love it. Big fan. During a Reiki session, we lay down, get comfortable, and then welcome all of the good energy into our system promoting healing on all levels. This is the way Reiki sessions progress 99.9% of the time. BUT... Reiki can be used in so many other ways. When you book a session as a client, or when you send Reiki as a practitioner, you can be creative in how you want the Reiki session to go and where you want the energy to be directed. Here are my Top 5 Unique Reiki Sessions! 1....

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Top 10 Crystals for Gratitude

'Tis the season for all things Gratitude! As I have been thinking about Thanksgiving (which is next week already?!) I was reflecting on the crystals that can help to either generate or magnify feelings of gratitude. These will be great stones to have around for your celebration, perhaps even on your Thanksgiving table! Read through and let me know your thoughts. Trolleite I am putting this one first because it is a powerful stone that is often overlooked! One would not immediately connect it with gratitude. Trolleite awakens the upper chakras and connects you to your higher self. The reason...

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But If You Try Sometime You'll Find You Get What You Need

At the start of 2023, I sat on zoom catching up with a few friends. As you might expect, we were stating intentions, goals, and wishes for the coming year. I did not have any specific goals but I remember passionately stating that the thing I wanted above all else in 2023 was ADVENTURE. It is now October of 2023 and I can tell you that the Rolling Stones nailed it: You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you'll find you get what you need. I have a sneaky suspicion that the Universe is laughing...

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The Snake on the Wall

Last night during dinner, my son Liam looked out the window and said, very calmly and full of wonder, "Hey look - there's a snake on the wall." I should perhaps pause to tell you that in this area, cinderblock walls separate one property from the next. The wall in our backyard is quite tall, much taller than any of us. Back to my story, my husband Earl turns to gaze out the window and equally calmly says, "Huh...yeah, you're right." It took me a few beats to catch up. The words that were coming out of their mouths did...

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