Manifestation Tool: Attunement

To manifest: to make physical something that is spiritual or theoretical
The idea of manifestation is not new to human society. This concept has gone by different names and titles through the ages. Some prefer to call it prayer while others focus on the term intention. Regardless of vocabulary, the idea of manifestation is to take a thought, idea, or goal and to bring it into physical existence. 
We are only able to manifest an intention when we are vibrating at the same energy level as that intention. We know this from our buddy Albert Einstein: "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the energy you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way." This also means that if you are NOT matching the energy of what you want, there is no way it can manifest into our physical reality.
There are many ways to practice this art of manifestation. I would like to highlight a powerful method that is not often discussed. It is, in fact, a secret manifestation tool. It is called an attunement. Let me explain...
An attunement is a process (some may call it a ceremony) in which a Reiki Master energetically inserts a specific intention into every layer of being in an individual. Perhaps an example? Suppose a person is working incredibly hard at attracting abundance; however things somehow keep getting more difficult. The harder they try, the less abundance they receive.
The reason abundance is not coming easily is because there is resistance or even a blockage in this person's energetic body that is working against abundance. They are not matching the frequency of the abundance that they seek; therefore, it cannot manifest. In an attunement, every body layer, chakra, and cell is shifted to be on the same vibrational level as the intention. Aha! Now that the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are holding the frequency of the intention, it is now possible to manifest it.
Herein lies the power of an attunement. It aligns everything so that manifestation is possible. The work is still yours to do - attunements are not magic. They simply provide the correct environment.
Attunements use Reiki energy; however, anyone can receive an attunement. (You do not have to be a Reiki practitioner to receive one.) 
Interested in trying an attunement? Here is a bit more info!

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