Why the Skeptic Showed Up at a Reiki I Training

Once in a while, someone will ask me what made me decide to get into Reiki in the first place.

I kinda hate that question because, to be honest, I don't know the full answer. (Or...I know the answer but it seems a little squishy. Intangible.)

In my mind, there is both a complicated answer and a very simple answer to that question. 

The Complicated Answer

The complicated answer involves my maternal grandmother, whom I called Nanny. She was a very special lady who formed the cornerstone of our family. In the last several years of her life, she had gone almost completely blind and was in a lot of pain. An excruciating pain in her head that just would not go away.

My aunt had a friend who would come over to the house and do energy work on Nanny. On evenings when she would receive energy work, her vision would come back and the pain would go away for an hour or two. I present this as Exhibit A.

Exhibit B is a bit less concrete. Nanny came from an Irish Catholic heritage where "weird" stuff was not discussed. After Nanny passed away, I learned information that had never been shared with the grandchildren before. It appears that Nanny had strong intuition and had visions on occasion. For example, she once saw a vision of her mom who was yelling at her to go check on Cathy (her daughter). When Nanny ran into the house, she discovered Cathy was blue in the face, suffocating. Several other stories of this nature abound.

As the objective scientist that I assumed I was, knowing that Nanny had strong intuition made me question many things in my life. Nanny was incredibly honest. If she said these things happened, then they happened. End of story.

Which meant... There was more out there than I had previously believed. 

Which meant... Maybe some of the "weird" experiences I had already had in life were actually things that should not be excused away.

Which meant... Perhaps it was time to discover a bit more.

My aunt had started to learn energy work. I saw this as my entryway into learning more. The energy work that was available to me in Charleston at the time was Reiki. So, I asked around, found an available teacher, and signed up for Reiki I.

It was not an easy process for me! Although I was starting to open my mind to possibilities, I was still a scientific skeptic. My journey, early on, was a battle between what science told me was true versus what my experiences were telling me were a possibility. Reconciling the two often left me confused and exhausted. Wouldn't it be better if I just went back to the way things were? At these moments, Nanny would inexplicably appear in a dream, a picture, or some other way and this would push me forward.

What I now know to be true is that you do not have to choose one or the other. If you pursue Reiki, this does not mean you leave science behind. If you love science, you are still able to incorporate alternative practices. 

The Simple Answer

My soul was craving connection to something bigger than me. As simple as that.

Reiki Training

Regardless of your reason for pursuing Reiki, there are many ways to train. If you find yourself curious and not knowing why, I would say that your soul is craving Reiki. You can try ignoring it but the pull will only become stronger!

I am now a Reiki Master and one of the greatest joys is passing Reiki onto students. You can train with me in person (in Albuquerque) or in the virtual environment. I have designed an online training that you can take at your own pace (great for those with hectic schedules) or you can pursue a zoom training where you are certified at the Reiki I level in just 1-2 days.

Reach out. Let's talk. All the good things are waiting.

Email: thesaltyblossom@gmail.com

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