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The Salty Blossom

The Salty Blossom

The marsh is one of the most difficult ecosystems in which to survive. Species deal with repeating patterns of inundations of water, desiccation (no water), and a flux of salinity. Despite this, many species do indeed survive. Including flowers...beautiful, salty blossoms.

Hi. My name is Danielle. If you were to ask Who I Am, the list would include many things: mother, teacher, ecologist, yogi, wife, writer... At the core, however, I would say that I am a salty blossom: imperfect, beautiful and resilient. 

I work with energy in the forms of Reiki, Akashic Records, and crystals. Learn more here.

Indeed, life is similar to a marsh. Beautiful but certainly challenging. May we not be afraid to blossom anyway.

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