How To Choose a Crystal

Steps in Becoming Aligned with Crystal Energy

  1. You are a practical human being who does not believe in anything woo woo. Don't be silly - crystals?? Really?!
  2. An event happens that makes you question your assumptions. Is it possible that there is more to Life than what you have believed?
  3. Crystals?? Maybe?!
  4. You decide to choose 1 crystal and see what happens. One crystal, that's all.
  5. You turn into a Crazy Crystal Lady/Man.

If you happen to be stuck on Step #4, I am here to give some guidance!

In my opinion and experience working with myself and others, there are two strong ways to choose a crystal (and about a zillion others ways, besides those). When you are in a store or browsing online, relax your mind a little bit. Then, notice any crystals that 1) you are absolutely drawn to or that 2) you are repulsed by.

Crystals You Are Drawn To

I'm talking can't stop looking at it. It looks amazingly beautiful to you. You keep coming back to peek at it again. This is a sure sign that you are aligned with this crystal. You could think of this as the characteristics of that crystal match your strengths. If you choose to work with this crystal, you will be making your strengths even stronger. For example, my son has a huge, kind heart. He is super attracted to any green crystal. Green crystals are known for increasing compassion and kindness.

Crystals That Repulse You

I mean, like, you can't stand to look at it. You don't want to touch it. For lack of a nicer word, you think it is truly ugly. In my experience, this is also a sign that you should be working with this crystal. The characteristics of this crystal match your weakness(es). You are not aligned with the energy of this crystal but it would benefit you to become aligned with it. If you choose to work with this crystal, you will be working on a weakness. For example, a few years ago, I was struggling with anxiety. I ordered some red jasper and black tourmaline beads to make bracelets with because I read that it would be helpful. When the package arrived in the mail, I pulled out the black tourmaline beads and immediately threw them across the room. I HATED them. I was repelled by the red jasper beads. I thought they were incredibly unattractive. I had to force myself to use both of them. I made bracelets and wore them but, inevitably, partway through the day, I would tear them off my wrist because I just couldn't handle it anymore. Over time, this tendency slowed down and now I find both stones to be part of my "arsenal". 

Working with crystals that you are attracted to is a rewarding and uplifting experience. Working with crystals that repulse you is a more challenging but equally rewarding option. Overall, be assured that there is no wrong decision. If you want to work with crystals, you will not make a bad decision. They are all here to help us; however, I provide these guidelines as a way for you to optimize your experience!

So off you go! Have fun!

Next stop: Crazy Crystal Lady/Man 

P.S. Still need help finding just the right crystal? Consider the Akashic Crystal Consult!

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