Top 5 Reasons to Use the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a wild and weird scenario when you first learn about them. Essentially, there are stores of information (think: library) where every thought, action, and feeling you have ever had in any life is stored. There are certain Guides who feel attached to helping you in this life. They are completely fluent in your records. During an Akashic Session, you ask questions of these Guides and receive answers that provide guidance or understanding of your current life. During these sessions, I am the translator. You ask the questions; the Guides answer; I translate their answers for you. 


Once you understand Akashic Records, you can use them for your Highest Good and benefit. Here are my top 5 reasons to use the Akashic Records

  1. Understand Current Situations - First and foremost, finding clarity about current situations is probably the #1 use of the Akashic Records. You can ask questions about relationships, career, life purpose, etc. This brings understanding and guidance on how to handle what is happening right now in your life. No topic is off limits. To read more about these types of questions, visit this blog post.
  2. Past Lives - We have lived many lives before this one. Sometimes, the energy or pattern of events that happen in past lives will carry through to this current life. For example, suppose you had a past life in which you traumatically broke your wrist. Perhaps in this life, you have perpetual wrist issues that doctors do not understand and are unable to completely cure. (This is a tame example - usually past life patterns are deeply emotional in nature!) Past life patterns will repeat / resurface again and again and again until they are healed. The Akashic Records can explain past lives to you as well as their patterns so that you can 1) understand 2) process and then 3) heal. This is powerful work!
  3. Shift Your Perspective - You know that family member who is a pain in the butt and so annoying and condescending and just does not understand?! What if you are the one who is behaving in such a way that it triggers them to act like that? Or...what if that person was placed in your family on purpose so that you would learn how to relate to others who are different from you? Or...what if all of those ridiculously annoying behaviors are a cry for help and you are the one who can do that?  The Akashic Records are here to offer guidance on current situations but, even more than that, they are here to help the evolution of our souls. They do this by shedding light on uncomfortable situations, showing our path in the world, and challenging us to see things differently. In my opinion, this is incredibly important work. 
  4. Connect with Your Guides - One of the coolest things about working with the Akashic Records is the relationship you start to develop with your Guides. Everyone's records feels different. The collection of Guides is different. Being in touch with them in this way allows you to know and understand them. You will begin to connect with them on your own (outside of a session). This alone is a gift!
  5. Raise Your Vibe - The energy of the Akashic Records is incredibly high vibe. In fact, when I went through my training, I was only supposed to stay in the records for 10 minutes at a time, initially. Any time past this and I would become exhausted and lightheaded. Over time, I acclimated as the energy of my physical body integrated with this higher energy. The fact is that just by spending time in the Akashic Records, your energy will shift. Even without interacting or asking any questions! The more time we spend in the records, the more we shift. So a session not only provides you with guidance and understanding but the hour spent in the records will also affect your frequency which, in turn, affects your soul's evolution.

Akashic Records: the thing you don't quite believe until you go ahead and try it! And then...there's no looking back. :)

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