Strengths & Weaknesses in the Akashic Records

What are my current strengths and weaknesses?

This is a common question during an Akashic Records Session. The answer to this question can give you insight into your soul's path as well as self-imposed obstacles. It reveals patterns that we may not even know we have as well as the source of those patterns. 

Spoiler alert: Often, the strength and the weakness are the same thing. 

Example #1: A person's strength may be that they are very open, loving, and accepting. However, this could lead to the weakness of being too trusting and not critical enough, thereby leading them to be taken advantage of or to make uneducated decisions.

Example #2: A person's strength may be their capacity to feel and spread joy to everyone around them. On the flip side, if they become "hooked" on joy to the exclusion of all else, then they become unable to feel or to process any other emotions. This could lead to suppression of emotions and an unrealistic view of reality.

Example #3: Suppose that a person's strength is their integrity. They say what they mean, they mean what they say, and they do not stray from their values. If this characteristic becomes too developed, however, this can lead to rigidity and a right / wrong view of the world. They may become unable to see anyone else's point of view if it differs from theirs in any way.

As you can see, strengths and weaknesses are a fascinating topic. Now, if you ask about this in a session, be sure to have a follow-up question ready. 

When did this weakness develop?

What events led to the strength being pulled out of balance?

Are there any past life events that would help me to understand these strengths and weaknesses?

What specific things can I do to work on my strength and/or to balance the strength/weakness?

Tell me more about this.

In this way, asking one question can lead to many follow-up questions that then lead to uncovering vast stores of information about yourself and your journey.

It's amazing. And helpful. And super cool.

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