Ya, but how does Reiki heal?

Ya...I know Reiki has been studied by prestigious research labs.

Ya...I know that Reiki positively affects physical and emotional/mental being.

Ya...I know that just one session can have positive effects.

But...how does it work? How is Reiki actually healing the body and mind???

Relax, friends, it is actually much simpler than you may think. First of all, energy follows intention. This is science. A Reiki practitioner sets an intention at the start of a session and the energy follows this. (This is a powerful and important step.)

Next, Reiki is not doing abracadabra magic. Reiki is channeling high vibration energy into the recipient. By filling the recipient with this energy, the Reiki practitioner is actually giving the recipient the ability to heal themselves. Reiki is healing energy but the recipient's body is doing the healing. 

Think of it this way. You could hook a lightbulb up to a stationary bike and, when you have peddled hard enough and for enough time, you are able to light the bulb. For a second. And until you stop peddling. If you hook a lightbulb into a light and plug it into the outlet, a steady stream of electricity flows in and the lightbulb lights up easily and stays on for as long as is needed.

Sometimes our bodies are unable to heal because we just don't have enough energy. Or perhaps our bodies are healing slowly for the same reason. We are like the stationary bike trying to turn on the light bulb. If we add Reiki energy, suddenly there is an influx of amazing energy (like the electricity) that can help us to heal faster and more efficiently.

Pretty cool, right?

Won't hurt. Might help. Could be worth a try. ;)

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