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There are many ways to use the Akashic Records. So many different questions to ask. I have heard and seen a lot! Part of my intention when I enter a person's records is that, when the session is over, that I will not remember the session. It is none of my business! The information was not for me, it was for them. And that is the way it goes, but I do remember specific questions that have been asked and the phrasing of questions.

Here are my top 5 questions that have been asked during a session:

1. Are you kidding me?

Ya, that's been a question asked! I have said that in my records and I've had a few clients do the same. Usually, it isn't asked as a formal question but in response to information shared. This highlights how you can talk to your Guides just like you would to any other person. They are not offended. If anything, it cracks them up...and then it leads to some further information.

2. What is my soul's purpose in this life?

This is one of the "basic" questions that is suggested for people to ask but it is my favorite! It is like every person is full of goodness but the path of their goodness varies. This question often leads to information that can inform almost every decision in a person's life!

3. Tell me 3 specific ways that I can achieve (fill-in-the-blank).

The Guides in the records tend to talk in generalities and in broad statements. I find that being very specific with them can get you a lot more information. In addition, you are always allowed to ask a follow-up question like, "That's not specific enough. Can you tell me more?"

4. What question do you recommend I ask next?

This is a great one. The Guides know everything there is to know about you but they would never push information on you. They are there to help as we request it. In this way, they honor our free will. Sometimes we are not asking the question(s) that would benefit us the most. Asking this question will bring that to the forefront.


5. What can I look forward to in the coming 3-6 months?

I had a client ask this question and I thought it was brilliant. No matter what is happening in life, there is always something to look forward to. This really put a lovely ending to her reading.

Guiding people in their Akashic Records is by far the coolest thing I have ever learned how to do. Seriously, you gotta try it.

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