Top 7 List of Practical Reiki Uses

I use Reiki all the time. 

All. The. Time.

Some may feel Reiki is "woo woo", but I have found it to be a practical tool that directly benefits my life. Here's a list of my Top 7 daily and practical uses for Reiki:

  1. Food & Drink: I send Reiki to my food and drink with the intention that the nutrients enter my body and any parts that would not serve me go right on through. :)
  2. Meetings: I always send Reiki to big/important meetings that I have at work. My intentions vary depending on the meeting but, in general, I send Reiki with the intent that I speak in a way that I am understood and that I understand others with clarity.
  3. Doctors Appointments: Same as important meetings! My intention is usually that the doctor understands what I am saying and that he/she clearly sees the issue and can find a remedy. (I also ask that the Reiki keep me calm, cause I sometimes get nervous during doctor visits!)
  4. Loved Ones: Every day! I send Reiki to my loved ones every day. Generally, I just ask Reiki to surround them and to protect them. Depending on that's days activities, I might have more pointed intentions to add.
  5. Meditation: When I sit to meditate, I always begin the flow of Reiki to enhance and focus my meditation. Reiki has a calming effect so this is a lovely use of it.
  6. Intentions: Sending Reiki to intentions is like adding an enzyme to a chemical reaction. It clears the way for manifestation and adds clarity to what is happening. 
  7. Sleep: Every night, I fall asleep sending Reiki to myself, the house, my family members and pets. It makes me feel confident that we are all protected and the calming quality sends me right off to sleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep, I begin the flow of Reiki and off I go...

I have come across this list by experimenting and playing around. By doing so, I collected my own evidence that proves to me Reiki has concrete effects on my daily life. I encourage you to do the same.

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