Guides of the Akashic Records

When we learn about the Akashic Records, we learn that there are a specific group of Guides who are present in each person's records. These are spirits who feel drawn to help your soul's purpose in this lifetime. Think of them as your Fan Club.

But who are they?

This is a very common question I receive. Here is some insight:

We refer to the Akashic Records Guides as being Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. You can think of these as different categories that the Guides fall under.

  • Masters
    • The Masters of your Akashic Records hold all the information of every thought, word, deed, motive, intention, and feeling that your Soul has ever experienced since its inception into a physical body. These Beings of Light are able to consolidate and organize all of your experiences in such a way that they are able to offer Divine wisdom that is in your highest good to receive, based on your current position in your life. The Masters will then ask specific Teachers to work with you through specific life lessons that will shift you towards truth.
  • Teachers
    • The Teachers are given specific assignments based on what lessons are to be learned at a given time. They work closely with you whether you are in or out of the Records. When in the Records, they may give you specific steps that you can take to move you into the next level of understanding. It is not their responsibility to give you all of the answers…they make suggestions, encourage behavior changes, and offer guidance. What you do with the information will determine the outcome of your choices. The Teachers will work with you until you have integrated the Divine truth that they have been assigned. When you are in the position to move on to a different life lesson, another Teacher will start working with you. (We are generally learning more than one lesson at a given moment. More than one teacher can be working with you at a time.)
  • Loved Ones
    • Your Loved Ones are people who have known you in this lifetime and whose Souls have transitioned out of their physical bodies. Because of their experiences with you during their life on Earth, their Soul is dedicated to helping your Soul’s growth. Your Loved Ones may or may not be someone you have felt close to. Specific Angels and Ancestors you have not met might also be one of your Loved Ones. The main role of your Loved Ones is to support you and shower you with unconditional love as you venture forward on your journey.

Generally, when I am in the Records, I can feel the presence of the Masters, Teachers, & Loved Ones as a whole. They usually do not like to be separated or identified but would prefer to be felt as an integrated community that is supporting you. Having said this, people often ask for specific names of Guides during Akashic Sessions. Please feel free to do this if you are curious. When asked, it is common for one or possibly two Guides to step forward to be named.

Regardless of whether or not you know who your Guides are, know that they are a constant in your life. You are surrounded by those who are cheering you on and who want you to grow. They are your biggest fans.

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