5 Unique Ways to Use Reiki (As a Client or a Practitioner)

Reiki. It's awesome. Love it. Big fan. During a Reiki session, we lay down, get comfortable, and then welcome all of the good energy into our system promoting healing on all levels. This is the way Reiki sessions progress 99.9% of the time.


Reiki can be used in so many other ways. When you book a session as a client, or when you send Reiki as a practitioner, you can be creative in how you want the Reiki session to go and where you want the energy to be directed.

Here are my Top 5 Unique Reiki Sessions!

1. Home - You can set up a Reiki appointment with the intent that your house be the recipient of the Reiki energy. This will clear negative energy from the house and fill it with uplifting energy. Just as humans have past lives, houses can have previous tenants either within the same building or disturbing events that took place on the land where the house is built. If you want to increase the energy of your entire family, go to the source and take care of your environment!

2. Business/Work - If you are a business owner, you can request a Reiki appointment for your business. Reiki will be sent to infuse your business - from physical aspects to the higher (spiritual) purpose of the business - with positive intent and energy. The Reiki can work to remove blockages that you or other employees have created (knowingly or unknowingly) that work against abundance flowing to the business. It can also work to bring clarity about what next steps should be taken.

3. Relationships - A Reiki session can focus on a specific relationship. During the session, Reiki will work to remove blockages that prevent reciprocal energy from flowing smoothly. It can open up communication and bring new perspectives on both sides of the relationship. Reiki cannot remove conflict; however, the conflict can be infused with Reiki so that it becomes something to work with instead of work against.

4. Past Events - Reiki can be sent anywhere in the timeline. If you have realized that a past event has had negative implications on your current life, Reiki can work to shift the energy of that event. Reiki will not change what happened; however, it will change how you process what happened. This works great when you realize that you have a thought pattern or a habit that began due to a specific event. A Reiki session can help to shift the energy so that the thought or habit becomes weaker over time, eventually disappearing!

5. Future Events - You can book a Reiki session with the intent of sending Reiki into the future to a specific event. Last year, when I spoke at a conference for the first time, I sent Reiki forwards for about a week. During my speech, I was oddly calm and collected. Thank you, Reiki! Sending Reiki to the future will soften and uplift the energy surrounding the event. This does not mean that all challenges are removed; however, you will have the miraculous ability to move through events with ease.

Get creative! Book a session and request that the energy be sent where it needs to go. You do you. I'll see you out there.

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