Top 10 Crystals for Gratitude

'Tis the season for all things Gratitude! As I have been thinking about Thanksgiving (which is next week already?!) I was reflecting on the crystals that can help to either generate or magnify feelings of gratitude. These will be great stones to have around for your celebration, perhaps even on your Thanksgiving table! Read through and let me know your thoughts.


I am putting this one first because it is a powerful stone that is often overlooked! One would not immediately connect it with gratitude. Trolleite awakens the upper chakras and connects you to your higher self. The reason this is important for gratitude is because we first have to be aware of those things that truly bring us a sense of appreciation. By connecting to the Higher Self, instead of the ego, we can be sure to carry gratitude with us automatically.


Have you ever really wanted to express gratitude but you were a little scared or felt too vulnerable to do so? Serpentine is for you! This is a stone of the heart that awakens all of the chakras. It establishes the healthy flow of energy and eliminates fear. The result: healthy joy which can only lead to gratitude.

Rose Quartz

In all of my favorite superhero movies, the hero is victorious because he/she is not afraid to express unconditional love. This is a quality that many consider a weakness. Unconditional love is a gentle quality; however, be careful about characterizing "gentle" as "weak". This would be a mistake. Open your heart. Feel the power of this stone. Express your love, appreciation, and gratitude to those around you.


Prasiolite is also known as the Namaste stone. It is a stone of connection, of understanding that we are all one. Not only does this stone open the heart but it also opens the soul to all others. Pure gratitude.

Orange Calcite

Wow. That's been a lot of love and connection so far. Do you find that this makes you a bit uncomfortable? Perhaps the holidays are stressful for you and it is difficult to connect with gratitude? Then orange calcite is for you. This stone eliminates blockages which we sometimes create for ourselves. Orange calcite will leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed. Invigorated even. With this fresh energy, you will be able to go through your day with more joy than you imagined was possible for you.


Oh Kunzite, how I do love you. Kunzite is another stone of the heart. It opens us to all types and levels of love (self-love, love from others, our love of nature, plants, etc.). As our capacity for love is awakened, gratitude soon follows. Also - wow - the color is breathtaking.


Garnierite is often used as a luck stone! It is uplifting and optimistic. You can feel yourself smiling the moment you hold it. An optimistic attitude can lead only one place: gratitude and appreciation of every little thing.


Chrysoprase is a stone of compassion and growth. It helps us to feel compassion even in the most difficult of cases. In so doing, we grow as individuals. Compassion means that we connect with another person/thing and understand what they are going through. This ability enables us to feel gratitude for strengths and abilities instead of focusing on the negative.

Flower Agate

This is one of my favorite stones, simply because it makes me feel so damn happy! As an agate, it provides stability and balance. From this centered place, optimism and joy begin to radiate outwards from us. This is a perfect stone for feeling gratitude without being carried away by it.


The phrase "unceasing joy" is literally part of stilbite's description in The Book of Stones. Unceasing joy is our birthright, not something we need to achieve. The feel of stilbite is indeed joy but it carries with it the undertone of peace and contentment. Be at peace. Feel joy in all you are and all you do. Turn that outwards and express it to others. Gratitude.

Enjoy these selections! At the time of writing, all are available on the website! Let me know if you have go-to stones that you use for gratitude. 


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