Joyful Skeptic

Did you know I signed up for Reiki Level I training without having ever received a Reiki session?

Did you know I went to my Reiki Level I training without a single clue about what Reiki was or did?

Did you know that in the first 30 minutes of my Reiki Level I training, I had the biggest urge to sprint out the door and never look back?

Well now you know. All I knew at the time was that there was something bigger out there, something that had to do with energy. And I NEEDED to know more.

So there I sat, in my Reiki Level I training, participating in a centering meditation. I kept peeking to see if everyone else had their eyes closed. When the teacher mentioned that a spirit guide was joining us in our meditation and to listen to their message, I saw nothing and I heard nothing. 


Every scientific bone in my body (all of my bones are composed of collagen and calcium so, really, each one is scientific) screamed for me to get out of there. 

But I didn't. And I had no idea why I didn't.

I stayed. I learned about Reiki. I experienced my first attunement and learned how to practice Reiki on myself and others. My mind was a land divided. The practical part of my mind wanted me to just cut it out. There was a supremely curious part, however, that urged me on. So on I went.

In hindsight, I now know that my spirit was urging me on. My spirit was ready to expand and rise. It was my ego that put up all those barriers. My ego was scared of change (still is) and wanted me to stay exactly as I was. 

Perhaps you are experiencing this as well. A huge urge to break the norm; a knowing that there is something else; a need to learn more but you don't really know what. If you feel this way, know that this is fantastic! Also know that I understand. I understand the unrest, the confusion, the motivation to change, but also the fear and distrust of what that might mean.

So...what now?

For me, the journey led me to Reiki. Through Reiki, I learned how to heal myself (an ongoing process) and I learned how to offer healing to others (so fulfilling). Reiki awakened my intuition, which is what my spirit was craving. I have now become a Reiki Master and have delved into the Akashic Records. 

Reiki training was the start of the amazing journey I am now on. To me, Reiki feels like pure joy and contentment. That's not to say that I am no longer skeptical! My ego still pops up and tries to protect me from all this crazy stuff. The difference is that now I have a relationship with my ego. We know how to navigate these tricky situations. 

So, yes, I am still a skeptic. I still have the urge to run out of the room sometimes. Let's just say that now I am a joyful skeptic. 

Reach out - I would love to chat!

Danielle -

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