Amazonite's Energy

Who doesn't love the soft and lovely turquoise hue of an amazonite stone?

Amazonite is, in fact, the most popular stone. It's properties consist of just three words: truth, communication, harmony. Simple, right? Yes, it IS simple but oh so rich and complex!

Amazonite works in that order: truth, communication, and harmony. It is a lovely three-step process. First, amazonite works to uncover your truth. It is impossible to do anything else until you actually know and UNDERSTAND your truth. What do you stand for? Who are you? These are the questions that amazonite brings to light.

After you understand your truth, the next step is communication. Amazonite helps you to communicate your truth to all aspects of your being and then to others. Now, an important part of communication is not only speaking your truth but listening as well. Amazonite enables you to listen to other peoples' truths, even those people who do not agree with you. It is only when we speak clearly but also listen openly that true communication occurs.

Finally, when the truth is known, communicated, and listened to with respect, the result is harmony. :)

Ta da!

Oh yes, amazonite is indeed a beautiful stone. We certainly agree on that point. 

Want to talk more about stones and their properties? Reach out. I would love to hear from you.

Danielle - The Salty Blossom -

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