Crystals: Around the House

I think we can all agree that crystals are beautiful, am I right?

Many people first uses crystals as decoration in their houses. What a lovely option! As some start to become curious about metaphysical properties of crystals, they often don't quite know where to start. One suggestion I have is to begin with your house. You can easily begin to be more conscious about where and how you place crystals in your home.

Protection & Positive Energy

One thing that we all want is to cultivate a home that is free from negative energy. To me, this has two parts: 1) protecting against outside influences and 2) filling up the space with high vibe, happy energy. To accomplish this, I highly recommend black tourmaline and selenite.

  • Black tourmaline: Black tourmaline is known for its protective qualities against all types of negative entities. I think of this as my "military", protecting me from enemy invasion. (Perhaps I've been watching too many Marvel movies??) Placing black tourmaline in the corners of your house, or even the corners of your lot, can activate this type of protection.
  • Selenite: While black tourmaline is my army, selenite is like my guardian angel. Black tourmaline blocks the negative and selenite fills the space with love and light. Incredibly high vibe. Selenite is also cleansing, removing negativity that you bring into the house. My recommendation for selenite is to place with black tourmaline in the corners. Also, I find it helpful to place the readily available thing selenite sticks on the ridges above doorways, particularly any entrance doorway into your house. You can also place selenite on or near windows as well. (I have a plethora of selenite sticks. If you are looking for them and cannot find them listed on the website, just reach out to me. I have probably not gotten around to relisting them, but chances are I have lots!)


When we think of bathrooms, we think of cleansing. Placing a little bowl of cleansing crystals on the bathroom counter can help with this! Quartz, fluorite, or calcite are all cleansing crystals and would do a wonderful job of keeping the energy clear.

Other Rooms

As for other rooms, I recommend thinking about what you want the energy to be in that room. Do you want the family room to be a place of connection? Perhaps it would be beneficial if your office felt grounded? Would you like your bedroom to be filled with gentle, loving vibes? Once you can become specific about what your goal is for a room, then it is time to dig in, do a little research, and choose a few crystals. (Shortcut: Reach out to me and ask. I'm always happy to talk about crystals.) 

Final Thoughts

There is no wrong decision about placing crystals in your house. Please do not get hung up on doing it "right". Choose by feeling, by color, or by characteristic! Do remember that crystals absorb negative energy, so you may want to research different ways to cleanse your house (I sense an upcoming blog post...). And finally, be intentional about your crystals. As you place a black tourmaline in a corner, send out the message, "This crystal protects my house from negativity." Give each one an intention and you'll notice more of an effect.

If you are interested in getting very specific guidance about optimal crystals for you or your house, consider the Akashic Records Crystal Consultation. During this session, we ask your Guides very specifically to recommend some crystals for you. (And bonus - you will receive a discount on any crystals you purchase as a result of this consultation!)

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