Balancing Attunement: Underestimated & Powerful

In the toolbox available to Salty Blossom customers, you will find yoga, crystals, Reiki, and Akashic Records. Somewhat hidden within those offerings lies a powerful and underused process for healing.

It is listed on the "menu" as Balancing / Realigning Attunement. This is a sacred Reiki process that results in healing but has everything to do with alignment. We often say that there are 4 layers of the body: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When those aspects of ourselves are not aligned with each other, discomfort results. For example, if emotionally and mentally I need to take a break and slow down but I physically continue to push myself, I might discover physical injury or illness. It is when our levels are in alignment that we have those magical days where everything feels wonderful and events - even obstacles - flow smoothly.

The purpose of a Balancing Attunement is to align every level and every chakra to be in tune with a specific intention. At the start of an appointment, we will spend time choosing the intention that you want to set into every layer of yourself, into every cell and the space between every cell. We will take the time to make sure that the wording of the intention feels right and makes sense to you. The intention drives the process so we take the time to get it just right!

After the intention is chosen, we shift into the attunement process. This process takes approximately 20 minutes. All you have to do during this time is to sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and holding your hands in front of your heart. The rest is up to me!

Now, here is the tricky part. The process of setting the intention into every layer of your being takes 21 days. The energy works on each chakra for three days, one day on physical level, one on the emotional/mental, and one on the spiritual level. How people feel during that time can vary greatly. Some people don't notice anything; others alternate between feeling tired and feeling energized; still others can have physical symptoms such as upset stomach or even headaches. Each attunement is unique and the 21 days will be unique as well.

If you are paying attention to the energy, you will notice that, by the end of the 21 days, tiny subtle shifts can be detected. In my experience, the effects of an attunement usually show up a few months later when a specific situation occurs and I react very differently than I had in the past. That is always my aha! moment when I realize I have changed and that I am living that intention with which I started the process. 

You may be wondering about what type of intention should be used for an attunement. Really, it can be anything! Here are a few examples:

  • My heart is open to giving and receiving love.
  • I love my body step forward in life with confidence.
  • I approach all things with joy.
  • I attract a career/job that is in line with my soul's purpose.

A balancing attunement is not magic. It will not spontaneously fix all the problems in your life. A balancing attunement is energy. It will help you to shift so that you face your life differently, from a more aligned place. From this place, we are better able to attract similarly aligned people and events.

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