Types of Spirit Guides

Before my Reiki I training, I did not have trust in anything other than my own abilities. Although raised Catholic, I had developed enough skepticism of religion that I did not believe anything out there was supporting me.

A series of interesting events brought me to my Reiki I training. A Reiki I training includes a sacred process called an attunement. As is often the case, my attunement blasted open my intuition. As I started experimenting and playing with the skills of Reiki, one of the biggest surprises was that I was suddenly in tune with and could pick up on Spirit Guides. Believe me, no one was more flabbergasted than I.

I went from being skeptical about any outside influence to naming them, feeling them, and understanding how they were helping me and my clients. Super weird. (Super cool.)

I have come to learn over the years that there are different types of Spirit Guides that work with us throughout our lives. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Angels: Expansive beings of light who can offer a variety of different support. They are filled with unconditional love and acceptance and are interested in helping us in our lives.
  • Ascended Masters: These beings were once human and led lives during which they "ascended" to a higher energy level. Examples: Mother Mary, Buddha, Jesus.
  • Loved Ones: This category is composed of any person from Earth who has passed on but is still wanting to support you. This can be loved ones that you knew from this life but it can also include ancestral people who you and your family are not even aware of.
  • Spirit Animals: Loved pets that have passed on can decide to stay with you energetically through your life. This category also includes any animal type, in general, who has lessons to teach you.
  • Crystals: I know this is an odd category but I have experienced people who have crystals as part of their Spirit Team. Crystals have specific energy signatures and sometimes they want to teach, support, guide someone through situations.

Your particular Spirit Team is composed of a unique combination of all of these! Some Spirit Guides I think of as the "Always" Spirit Guides. They have chosen to be with you for this entire lifetime. There are other Spirit Guides that show up just for a period of your life, wanting to support you through a specific situation or transition.

Coming from this formerly skeptical-of-everything individual, know that you are supported. Literally all the time. In pretty amazing ways.

If you are interested in delving deeper into your relationship with your Spirit Guides, I have three recommendations:

  • Akashic Record Reading. You can book an akashic records reading and ask questions about your Spirit Team. You can also ask how you would be able to start noticing them and how you can communicate with them.
  • Reiki Training. As mentioned above, Reiki training tends to increase intuitive skills. Reiki is well connected to the realm of Spirit Guides. If you truly are interested in working with them in your own way and in your own life, I highly recommend Reiki training. 
  • Balancing Attunement. You can receive an attunement without going through Reiki training. Though this will not be as powerful as when you start working with Reiki, an attunement can be done separately. You would decide on an intention (Example: My intuition opens and I build a relationship with my Spirit Team.) and the attunement process would set this intention into every layer of your being.

For any of these options, I would love to work with you! Reach out!

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