The Salty Blossom Turns 6!

Another year has flown by and The Salty Blossom has another birthday this month! The company is turning 6 years old - you know, as in we're ready for 1st grade. We've gone through the kindergarten phase of not knowing what we're doing, making really silly and weird choices, and chasing a bunch of unicorns at recess. Now, we're totally professional and will never make an immature decision ever again. 

And if you believe any of that, I'd like to sell you this unicorn that I just caught at recess. 

Let's have a mental slideshow as The Salty Blossom graduates from kindergarten and enters 1st grade:

  • When The Salty Blossom first started, all I wanted to do was make necklaces. I believed in using crystals as tools, but I DID NOT talk about it to anyone. secret.
  • I sold my first bracelets at a farmer's market for only $15. I did not make ANY profit on that. In fact, when I factor in my time and travel expenses, I think those bracelets put me into the red. 
  • Holy Cow Yoga Center was the first place to sell my bracelets in their retail space. They are still selling them!
  • One of the highlights for me was when someone stole some bracelets from Holy Cow. They walked in, asked where The Salty Blossom was, and then grabbed and ran. When the staff told me, they were stressed that I would be upset but I jumped up and down with joy. What?! People know The Salty Blossom well enough that they want to steal them??? That's awesome! 

As the company graduates from kindergarten, I feel what I am really graduating from is from selling jewelry to being fully committed to energy work. Jewelry was my gateway product. It helped me to learn how to set up a company, how to use technology, and how to talk to strangers. Now that I am comfortable with those pieces, I am ready to completely 100% wave the woo woo flag with joy and excitement!

I am holding the science flag in one hand and the woo flag in the other. The Salty Blossom is where the two are integrated and approached with mutual fascination and respect. 

I am looking forward to the future! 1st grade is going to be awesome. 


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