The Adventure of an Akashic Mala

It's called Akashic Mala Experience but it feels more like an Akashic Mala Adventure.

The mala you receive as part of this experience is crafted from the guidance from the guardians of your Akashic Records. The stones that are part of the mala are those that will benefit you and support you right now on your path. 

Sounds perfect, right?

Sure, it is! But...what if you don't like the beads selected? What if the mala has pink beads and you just hate the color pink?

Example time. The mala pictured above is an Akashic mala that I just finished for myself. From the guidance from my Akashic Records, I could feel the energy that was needed for me right now. I did not have any problems locating the appropriate stones and creating the mala. Then, when I stepped back and looked at the final product, my thought was, "Hmm. I'm not in love with that."

If I check in on an energetic level, the mala is exactly, supremely what I need right now. Absolutely and without question. But when I look at it with the eyes of my ego, I don't love it.

And herein lies the adventure. 

Crystals and stones are beautiful pieces of nature. There are some that we are attracted to and some that we are repulsed by. Both are beneficial. When we absolutely love a stone, that means it is a stone that has characteristics that are already strengths of ours. When we are repulsed by a stone, that means it is a stone that has characteristics that we need. It represents our weaknesses.

There are certain times of our lives when certain weaknesses surface because we are ready to work with them, to understand them, and to strengthen them. When I look at my new mala, I know this is happening. I do not like the color blue. Also, I never wear black. Black is dark and depressing to me. What's up with those yellow beads. It doesn't really fit, does it?


I have been through this enough to trust in the process. Some of the beads in this mala are beautiful to me and make me very happy. Others, not so much. There is a reason I am being asked to work with these stones right now. I cannot argue with the energetics as those feel spot on.

And so, I will sit with my mala every morning during my meditation routine. I will wear the mala as much as possible. The energy of the mala will slowly become the energy of me. There will come a time when I love this mala, when I can't remember a time when I thought it was ugly and not quite me.

This is beautiful and powerful and transformative.

Are you ready for an adventure?

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  • Carla on

    Helpful in preparing me to meet my mala.

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