October 2022: Oracle Card Reading

October already and I have to tell you that this oracle card hit me full on...kind of like, you might say, a shark. The shark message is one of a powerful but peaceful warrior. In order to understand this message, we must first rid ourselves of the commonplace interpretation of power. What if power was not ego-driven with the ultimate goal of being in control? What if power was standing back, using all of the senses to observe, and then guiding in such a way that others are inspired to follow?
This is what shark is asking of us this month.
From Diana Cooper's deck:
"You are called upon to strengthen and discipline yourself, claim your power and act as a calm, wise influence for the highest good of all. ... Because you are strong, sensitive, and important, you may have sacrificed yourself in some way for the common good. Your guidance is to examine your life and decide what brings you satisfaction. Bring more of these things into your life so that your wise leadership is founded on a feeling of personal contentment."
You know that moment when you read an oracle card and you think, "Ohhhhh shoot. That was definitely for me." I feel like I'm blushing, like I've been called out!
My personal connection with this card:
Here I am, feeling overwhelming exhausted and uninspired for the past several weeks. I have taken on more responsibilities at my teaching job this year. It is a lot more work and stress than I had originally thought. In order to make space for this, I dropped several aspects of The Salty Blossom from my life: posting new crystals, writing the blog, sending newsletters. I simply do not have time, I told myself. Maybe I'm not supposed to be doing The Salty Blossom. Maybe when you retire...then you'll have lots of time to devote to it, I reminded myself. I also dropped a few other fun, little hobbies. 
The result has been that I feel more drained and, for the first time in a long time, unhappy. I have been wondering what to do. Is this not the job for me? Do I need to start searching for something new? Where did I go wrong - a few months ago things were great?!
Then I pulled this card and the message gave me a solid smack! I immediately sat down and started typing this blog. It is time to reclaim myself, starting with those things that are the foundation of my joy.
This is certainly a message for me that I will take into October. What personal connections do you have with this message? Let me know in the comments or send me an email! thesaltyblossom@gmail.com
The Archangel Animal Oracle Deck by Diana Cooper is currently available in the shop!

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  • Carla on

    Danielle, thanks so very much for sharing in such a transparent manner.
    To hear that you (one of my mentors) have been feeling “uninspired” has allowed me to just stop and breathe because for the last three weeks or so, I have been feeling deeply uninspired and anxious.

  • Carla on

    Wow ! Danielle thanks so very much for sharing in such a transparent manner. What a relief to hear that you (one of my mentors) has been feeling “uninspired” for that is exactly what I have been experiencing….uninspired and anxious.

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