Balancing Chakras with Crystals

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about understanding chakras. I explained the qualities of each major chakra as well as symptoms of being overactive or underactive in that chakra. (Read blog post here.

As you start to become more aware of the chakras and their characteristics, you will start to notice when they start to swing out of balance or alignment. You might feel it on a physical level. Perhaps you lose your voice right before you have to give a big speech (unbalanced throat chakra). It's possible you will feel chakra energy on an emotional level. Perhaps you notice anxiety that pops up every time you leave the house (unbalanced root chakra). It's also possible that you know something is off but you can't quite pinpoint what it is. Very common!

There are many ways to bring your chakras back into alignment: Reiki, meditation, yoga, pranayama, etc. I would like to draw attention to the use of crystals in balancing chakras. While I partake is several of the options mentioned above, I also use crystals as a tool in my toolbelt. It is an easy method to incorporate into your current routine. 

If you are aware of what chakra you want to balance, you would first need to choose a crystal (or crystals) that are aligned with that chakra. I have included a short guide at the end of this post to help with this. If you are unsure which chakras need balancing, you can choose a variety of crystals or choose a crystal that works on all chakras. In that way, you are really covering your bases!

When using crystals to balance chakras, you just want to keep the energy of the crystal in your energy field (aura) as much as possible to help bring in that wavelength of energy. There are many ways to do this. Here are a few concrete ideas.

How to Use Crystals to Balance Chakras

  1. Hold a crystal in your hand. It can be as simple as this! You can sit for a few minutes every day holding that crystal. You can sit on the couch watching TV, holding that crystal! My only caveat would be to state your intention as you do this. When you pick up the crystal, state what you want to happen. "This crystal will balance my throat chakra." Feel free to be more specific if you would like. After that, just do your thing while holding the crystal. 
  2. Three Crystal Body Layout. This is one of my favorite methods! For this, you will want three crystals. They can all be the same crystal or they can be different crystals that all work on the same chakra. Mix and match as you like. Find a comfortable place to lay down. Hold one crystal in each palm and place the third crystal over your heart. You can also choose to place the third crystal over the specific chakra. (I have found that, for me, placing the crystal on my heart is powerful, regardless of the chakra on which I am working.) State your intention and then relax (as if in savasana) for 5-10 minutes. Because the mind and body are in a completely relaxed state, the energy assimilates more easily. I find this method very powerful.
  3. Full Body Layout. If you would like to balance all of the chakras together at one time, find a crystal for each chakra. Lay down comfortably and place each crystal over or near its chakra. State your intention and then relax (as if in savasana) for 5-10 minutes. You should feel clear and refreshed afterwards!
  4. Combine with yoga or meditation. You can simply insert the use of crystals into yoga and meditation practices that you already have. Any time you meditate, you can choose to hold a crystal or to place a crystal right in front of you. During yoga, you can place a crystal near or on you during savasana. (Actually, I highly recommend that!)
  5. Gemstone bracelets! You know I had to mention this, right? This is how I first got started with crystal energy. I had identified the root chakra as being very unbalanced. I researched root chakra stones, choose a few, and then made bracelets for myself. By wearing bracelets, the crystal energy stays in my aura all day long! ( pretty.) I have found a lot of success with this method, especially when I am working with a chakra long-term.
  6. Pocket stones. Not into wearing bracelets? No worries! You can find a small tumbled stone, or a small palm stone, and slip it into your pocket during the day. This has the same effect as a bracelet by keeping that energy in your field all day long.

Crystals are beautiful. They are shiny and make us feel happy. BUT, they are also useful tools. We may as well make use of their energy to positively impact our lives.

Quick Guide to Chakra Stones

There are many stones for each chakra but here is a quick guide with common stones that can easily get you started.

Root Chakra Stones: any jaspers (particularly red jasper and picture jasper), black tourmaline, black onyx, smoky quartz, hematite

Sacral Chakra Stones: carnelian, orange calcite, sunstone, vanadanite

Solar Plexus Chakra Stones: yellow calcite, citrine, tiger eye, pyrite

Heart Chakra: rose quartz, chrysoprase, kunzite, malachite, prasiolite, variscite

Throat Chakra: turquoise, larimar, apatite, amazonite

Third Eye Chakra: sodalite, apatite, lapis lazuli, trolleite, azurite

Crown Chakra: quartz, amethyst, apophyllite, super 7, white calcite, labradorite

Balances all chakras: quartz, kyanite, selenite



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