Engaging with the Akashic Records

Every time we enter the Akashic Records, we are hoping to receive guidance that will help us on our journey. To that end, it makes sense to do what we can in order to maximize the amount of guidance received! There are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind in order to do so.

1. Talk back to the Guides.

Because this is such a cool (but perhaps different) type of thing to do, many people think that they have to sit still and simply accept whatever the Guides tell them. This is not the case! An Akashic Records Session is supposed to be a conversation, not a monologue. If the Guides suggest that you have macaroni and cheese for dinner, even though you hate mac 'n cheese, you should not blindly accept that information.

Acceptable responses could include: 1) What?! But I hate that! 2) I'm going to ask that question again because that response does not make sense. 3) But I HATE mac 'n cheese! 

What I'm trying to get at here is that any response is fine. You are allowed to be grumpy or even angry. The Guides understand that we are human and have human reactions. They will never get offended at your response. In fact, when you have a response and talk back to them, they will provide additional information. You know...like a conversation ;)

2. Ask clarifying questions.

One very successful way to respond to the Guides is to ask clarifying questions. In fact, when I was training for Akashic Records, I was taught that for every question you ask, you should always ask 5 clarifying questions. Every time. Now, sometimes I cannot think of 5 questions to ask but I do want to emphasize the point of asking follow-up questions.

For our mac 'n cheese situation, a few clarifying questions could be: 1) Why do you suggest I eat mac 'n cheese? 2) How will eating mac 'n cheese benefit me? 3) Is there a specific lesson I will learn from eating mac 'n cheese? 4) What type of mac 'n cheese do you recommend I eat? 5) Are there other foods I dislike that would also benefit me?

You can see how hearing the responses to all of those questions would deepen your understanding of the situation. Much more than if you had simply accepted the mac 'n cheese without asking questions!

3. Provide background info.

When you book an Akashic session with me, I am the translator between the Guides and you. As the translator, I can usually pick up a lot more information if I understand the situation being asked about. Perhaps you are struggling at work. You can ask for guidance on what will help you at work. I can pick up on information and tell you. BUT, if you explain the situation to me and I understand it better, then I will understand the Guide's information better as well. The more I understand what the Guides are telling me, the better able I am to explain it to you. 

There are a few reasons people do not want to explain situations. Some people are private and prefer to keep details to themselves. Perhaps a situation is a little bit tricky and a person is worried I will be judgmental. Still other people are trying to "test" my intuition. They believe if they explain a situation, then I am simply answering them by making things up instead of communicating with Guides.

I understand all of these reasons! Please know that I will never push you to provide any details. You do not have to tell me anything you do not feel comfortable with. However, also know that I will never judge you (who am I to judge?). Also, I will not make up information in order to please you or to "prove" my ability. I will only ever relay information that has been shared with me by the Guides. By telling me details, you are not "cheating", you are simply getting the most from your session.

An Akashic Session requires your time and your money. Let's follow these guidelines so that you maximize the information received! Have questions about this post? Reach out: thesaltyblossom@gmail.com.

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