Eclipse Season Recommendations

Two eclipses...back to back...should be be happy or scared?

I am not an expert on astrology but I would say: let's go ahead and be both.

The first eclipse was a solar new moon eclipse and occurred last week on April 19. The next one will be a lunar full moon eclipse on May 5. The themes for both of these eclipses are similar: destruction of what is no longer working in your life and creation of something even better.

These are themes that tend to happen during each monthly moon cycle; however, eclipses take that energy and magnify it by about a zillion. You will feel the power of destruction and the beauty of creation very intensely, starting a few weeks ago and lasting until after the May 5 eclipse.

Eclipses can create uncomfortable situations, even when you know that what is happening is overall a positive thing. It is difficult to sit with discomfort and that is what we are being asked to do.

Here are some recommendations to help ease you through these highly charges eclipses!

Akashic Records

Need some guidance about what to let go of or how to let it go? Perhaps just some assurance that you are not alone? I highly recommend Akashic readings during eclipse seasons. Here are a few sample questions to consider:

  • What patterns am I ready to release?
  • What people/situations in my life have I outgrown?
  • In what ways am I being asked to grow?
  • What new sources of beauty can I create during this time?
  • What new opportunities can I be on the lookout for?
  • Who are the Guides that are with me right now and what advice do they have for me?


  • An attunement is a type of Reiki appointment where the energy of an intention is programmed into every layer of your being and every cell. Think of it as having an intention inserted into your DNA. Eclipses are a great time to align yourself with new energy. This is listed on the website as a Balancing/Realigning Attunement.
  • 21 Days of Reiki! This offering is not listed on the website but is available by request only. This offering begins with an attunement on Day 1. Then, on days 2-21 you will receive a Reiki session at the time that you specify. Each day, a written summary of the session along with that day's oracle card is emailed to you. We will meet on zoom for the attunement and then twice more throughout the experience. Dramatic shifts and changes can be expected from this experience! Please reach out by email to discuss further. (


You know I can't write a blog post without mentioning crystals, right? What a powerful time to use crystals to help balance your energy system. There are so many different crystals that can be helpful right now. It depends on your goal for eclipse season. Any crystal will be helpful, especially if it calls to you; however, here are a few recommendations:

  • Shungite - releases old patterns and instills the body with light energy
  • Amethyst - elevates the energy system, connects you with Divine energy, and maintains health
  • Agate - very stabilizing and balancing, especially if you are feeling thrown off by the heavy energies of eclipses
  • Kyanite - promotes alignment and connection
  • Diamantina quartz - cuts cords with old patterns and relationships
  • Quartz - any quartz, in general, will be cleansing and uplifting

I wish you the best for this eclipse season! Reach out if I can support.


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