Using Reiki Training in Your Career

As many of you know, I love working with adolescents (middle school and high school). This is not a common statement. "Love" and "adolescents" are not usually strung together in the same sentence.

I guess I can understand. I did have a student throw a hammer across the room at another student once. I can vividly remember the one day when a student took off her shoes and I thought I was going to pass out from the stench. Not to mention that one student who simply hid under the desk when she didn't want to do any work...

But none of that is my point.

My point is that I work in what would be described as a difficult career. I do legitimately love this age group BUT I admit that I do not go into it without tools. Reiki is one of them.

Reiki can be a useful tool in any career. I have worked with and trained individuals  in the following careers: nurse, mom, teacher, massage therapist, gardener, corporate executive, yoga instructor, health care worker, and more.

Let's take a look at how Reiki can be useful:

Taking Care of the Self

I feel that this is the most underrated aspect of Reiki. We tend to want to learn Reiki so that we can help others; however, helping and healing yourself is an essential aspect of this. You can only help others to the extent that you have healed yourself. (Read that again.) 

Self-Reiki is learned in the Level I Training. The reason it is the first skill taught emphasizes its importance. By creating a habit of daily self-Reiki, you are ensuring that you are progressing on your path and growing as a result of this.

Self-Reiki is probably my largest tool in terms of my career. I cannot control adolescents. I cannot control their stinky feet or bursts of ridiculous rage. I can, however, control my own energy and reactions. Sending Reiki forward to surround my day provides a buffer between me and all events for that day. When something happens, there is more space in which I can process and react accordingly. Negative energy has a harder time reaching me. Taking care of myself helps me to take care of the others in my care.

Taking Care of the Environment

There is a very important tenet in Reiki that says you should not send Reiki to someone unless they have given you permission. This is due to free will. Everyone should have the ability to choose whether or not they are open to receiving Reiki. (There is one loophole in this tenet and it is covered in the trainings!)

Since I cannot pause my class to ask if Susie would like me to send her some Reiki (and since parents would probably rise up in righteous anger if I did) it is not practical for me to directly use Reiki on the students that surround me all day. Likewise, it is probably not practical for you to do this either.

What I can do is send Reiki to the environment. I can send Reiki to everything that supports my students (or perhaps coworkers). In other words, I am not sending Reiki directly to you BUT I am filling the space with Reiki. If your soul desires, it can choose to absorb it.

This is applicable to any career, whether you are a nurse or a corporate executive. 

Direct Application

There are some careers where the direct application of Reiki is applicable. If you have one of these careers, you probably already know who you are! Reiki is now an acceptable form of healing in many hospitals. Nurses are allowed to administer it. Massage therapists can ask permission and then incorporate Reiki into sessions. Gardeners can directly apply Reiki as they work with plants and the Earth. Artists and creatives can start the flow of Reiki as they work with their materials. 

As you can see, Reiki can be applied to any career. It will make your days smoother, aid in communications, help you to see clearly during disputes, and repel negativity. It's a no-brainer!

If you're ready to take the next step, reach out and let me know. 

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