Boosting the Sacral Chakra

Two questions for you:

Do you feel like your days are a little blah? Not much motivation to get up and get going? 

If you answered yes to those questions, you are most definitely not alone! Not only am I feeling it but I have seen several clients in the past few months who have be in the same boat. 

So let's talk about the sacral chakra.

Chakras, in general, are spinning areas of energy throughout the body. There are 7 chakras that are considered the "main" ones. The sacral chakra is located just underneath the belly button. The color associated with this chakra is orange. This energy center governs those things in life that center around creativity, inspiration, healthy emotional expression, and passion. When we feel inspired and passionate about things in our lives, that is the sacral chakra at work!

This chakra can sometimes become blocked or underactive. When this happens, the symptoms feel like low energy, little or no motivation, self-criticism, addictive behavior, low libido. It can even manifest in the physical body with back pain, urinary/kidney issues, menstruation & fertility issues, and slow digestion. 

To me, the sacral chakra comes down to one thing: feeling inspired. 

Think about it for a sec. If the area that governs how you feel inspired is blocked, then you stop feeling inspired about life. When there is no inspiration, creativity and passion take a nosedive and you just don't feel like doing much of anything. On the other hand, when every aspect of your life feels inspiring, you see possibilities everywhere! You can't wait to get out of bed and get started on all of the ideas bouncing around. You have a sense of love and passion for everything in your life, from the tiny flower growing through the sidewalk crack to your partner.

So then, how do we jumpstart the sacral chakra? If you are currently feeling blocked in this area, what can you do?

Welcome to The Salty Blossom, my friend. Please, step right in and have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. We've got some options to discuss.

  1. Crystals. For those of you who love and appreciate crystals, this is one way to help get the sacral chakra unblocked and flowing. Keep a crystal in your pocket or nearby to stimulate a flow of energy to this area. You will want to look for orange crystals. Carnelian is a fantastic option for motivation and taking action. Vanadanite is a very powerful crystal that not only gives the sacral chakra a kick but also the root chakra and the third eye, giving you motivation AND insight into what actions to take. Orange calcite and orange selenite are known for clearing blockages so they are both perfect for this purpose. You can also give things a boost by pairing an orange crystal with a yellow one - this is the solar plexus chakra which reinforces inner will and joy.
  2. Akashic Records. In an Akashic Session, you can ask very pointed questions that can get to the cause of the dip in sacral chakra activity. Try these questions.
  • What is the cause of my loss of motivation/creativity/passion?
  • What self-imposed blockages have I created in this situation?
  • Is there a past life connection to my lack of motivation/creativity/passion?
  • What are three specific actions I can take to change this situation?
  • Reiki. A Reiki session helps to get all of the chakras flowing smoothly. You can ask a practitioner to put specific focus on the sacral chakra. Reiki is a fantastic way to address the issue "immediately". 
  • Move your body! This one is free. ;) Move the body in any way that feels natural and good to you. A yoga class can help you in this endeavor as many poses deliberately work on this area of the body. Dancing in the kitchen also applies here.
  • We all need a little inspiration now and then. Let's get it going and get back to feeling passionate about our lives!

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