Akashic Mala: What to Expect

The Akashic mala is crafted very specifically from the guidance of your Spirit Guides. The experience begins with a full Akashic Records Session. Then, I make the accompanying mala. When you open your Akashic mala and see it for the first time, there can be a mixture of emotions.

  • You might be attracted to parts or all of it.
  • You might be turned off by parts or all of it.
  • Any combination of the above!

When we are attracted to a stone, this indicates that the stone’s properties mirror our own strengths. These stones are making our strengths even stronger. Working on something we are already good at feels good, and so those stones feel good to us.

When we have an aversion or dislike to a stone, this indicates that the stone’s properties mirror our weaknesses. These stones can make us feel uncomfortable, just as it feels uncomfortable to be faced with our own weaknesses.

The stones present on your Akashic mala will be specifically chosen for you for this exact moment on your path. It is possible you are at a place where you will work on strengths. Perhaps you are working on weaknesses. Could be a combination of the two.

This explains the different emotions that may be present when you first see your Akashic mala. No matter the initial reaction, know that this mala is just for you. It has a specific purpose. You are being called to trust the process and trust the guidance that comes with it. 

Suggestions for Use:

  • Keep your mala close to you for the first several days. Wear it or keep it nearby where you can hold or touch it. You are assimilating this energy. The more it is in your energy field, the quicker this process will happen.
  • After this initial period, wear it as you wish. It remains to be true that the more often you wear it, the more the energy will be with you and the more growth you will experience.
  • Cleanse your mala often to keep the energy fresh. You can do this in a multitude of ways. My favorite way is to place it over selenite overnight.

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