Selenite Bowls
Selenite Bowls
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Selenite Bowls

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These selenite bowls are fabulous! They are smooth and glossy and can hold several tumbled stones or some jewelry. Use the bowls as decoration, to bring uplifting energy to a room, or place stones/jewelry inside of them to recharge their energy.

Approximate measurements: 3.75" opening at the top and 1.5" tall

Stone Properties

Selenite is known for its joyous, uplifting energy. It is the embodiment of love and light. Its high vibration makes it a cleansing stone, removing energy blockages from the body. It creates a shield of light, protecting a person from outside influences.

Because of its high vibration, selenite does not need to be cleansed. In fact, it can cleanse other stones. Simply lay stones (or jewelry) on top of selenite to clear negative energy.



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