Lemurian Quartz Points - Large
Lemurian Quartz Points - Large
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Lemurian Quartz Points - Large

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These Lemurian quartz points are between 2"-3" in length. There is variety in shape and width. You will receive one point intuitively chosen just for you!

Stone Properties

Legend says that there was once an ancient, highly evolved civilization called Lemuria. Lemuria was highly spiritual and peaceful. When their time on Earth was finished, the Lemurians programmed crystals with their energy of connection and oneness and "planted" them in the Earth, to be discovered when they were needed most. 

These Lemurian quartz points are said to be some of the crystals programmed by the Lemurians. Their energy is intensely elevating and full of peace. While they can clear blockages in the energy body, they also pass on their ancient knowledge and sense of connection to all that is.



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