Amphibole Quartz Points - Set #1
Amphibole Quartz Points - Set #1
The Salty Blossom

Amphibole Quartz Points - Set #1

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Amphibole quartz is clear quartz that has inclusions of other minerals. It is sometimes called Angel Phantom quartz as the colored inclusions are said to look similar to angel's wings.

This set includes these exact 5 points. Great for gridding or placing in a pocket or on a desk. 

Stone Properties

Amphibole quartz has the same qualities of clear quartz: clearing, healing, and magnifies energy/intention. In addition, amphibole quartz adds in an extreme feeling of tranquility. I also feel an upward flow of joy and a very subtle grounding when I hold it. It makes sense then that some people refer to this variety of quartz as the "stone of equality". 



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