Akashic Mala Experience
Akashic Mala Experience
Akashic Mala Experience
Akashic Mala Experience
The Salty Blossom

Akashic Mala Experience

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The Akashic Records are an incredible source of information that can guide us in our lives! Your Akashic Records contain information about every action, thought, and feeling you have ever had (this life as well as previous ones). The Spirit Guides that are present in your Records are there to answer your questions and to provide guidance. In an Akashic Mala Consult, we will work with your Spirit Guides to gather useful information and for me to craft a mala that will support you on your current path.

An Akashic Mala Experience includes:

  • A full Akashic Records Session.
  • One mala crafted from the guidance of the records. The mala is hand-knotted with silk thread and is composed of gemstones.
  • A detailed letter describing each aspect of the mala and a letter from your Spirit Guides.

    Unsure about the Akashic Records? Read some FAQs.

    Please reach out with any questions you have: thesaltyblossom@gmail.com



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