Valentine's Day: 7 Crystals to Show Love

Valentine's Day is around the corner and, I have to admit, my daughter can't wait for me to buy her chocolate. My son wouldn't mind some too. As for my husband and I, we have never celebrated a traditional Valentine's Day.

There was the year I tried very hard to do all of the things society tells us we should do and it was a hilarious series of mishaps and disasters. Ever since then, we have forgone society's rules. My favorite Valentine's Day was the year I came downstairs and there was a giant bag of Doritos and some chocolate sitting on the kitchen counter for me. I did not share; I did not feel bad about that; I have never felt more loved.

Perhaps, it occurs to me, that there are more people out there who are looking for different pathways to demonstrate love for a special person. My recommendation: crystals! Everyone loves rocks. Everyone love pretty rocks. Everyone loves pretty rocks that also have "hidden" love meanings behind them. 

Allow me to enlighten you. Here are my suggestions for heartfelt gifts this Valentine's season.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the best known crystal for love. There are many different types of love and rose quartz embodies the energy of unconditional love and emotional safety. If you are wanting to demonstrate a "pure love" type of feeling, this is the stone for you. 

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Samadhi Quartz

Pink samadhi quartz is very rare and only found in one location on Earth: the Himalayas. This is a quartz crystal that has a pale pink hue. The energy of this stone is one of union and oneness. Pink samadhi quartz is a stone of connection of unlimited love. Do you feel supremely connected to your special person? Do they "complete" you? Then this is the stone to gift.

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There is never a bad time to purchase selenite! This is a stone that is love and light! It is optimistic and cleansing, removing all negative energy. Selenite is a high vibe stone that is perfect for someone who is energetic, enthusiastic, and is the shining aspect of your life.

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Ruby is a stone of passion and enthusiasm. Are you at the stage of a relationship where you feel completely wrapped up with the other person? Where you can't think of anyone else? You feel passionately in love with them? Then this is the stone for you to gift! Ruby carries with it passion but also vitality, so you can follow your passion without being drained of energy.

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Chrysoprase is in my top 5 favorite crystals list. This is a stone of compassion and growth. This is a wonderful choice for a relationship where you are growing together on your journey, perhaps sharing compassion for the same ideas or projects. This is a wonderful stone for both romantic relationships and friendships. As for the color of this stone? Dreamy, calming, and beautiful. 

P.S. I have some unlisted pieces of chrysoprase if you are interested! Email me! (

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Stilbite is an amazing crystal. Once you experience stilbite's energy, it is hard to be without it. The description of stilbite includes the phrase "unceasing joy". Now, combine the idea of unceasing joy with the energy of supreme calm. That is stilbite. Does your partner or friend bring you unceasing joy? Then, this is the gift for them.

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Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is the ultimate stone of the heart. The true purpose of love is to feel whole. This stone promotes the feeling of wholeness through activation and healing of the heart chakra. It creates a calming energy that decreases stress, anxiety, and even depression. 

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Whatever your choices or activities this Valentine's Season, I wish you love, lightness, and happiness!


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