Akashic Records Is Like Google

Regardless of culture, upbringing, or religious beliefs, we can all agree that we are all here living a very human life. Whether we have been here before, will pass into heaven afterwards, or simply dissipate after reaching an enlightened state, we are all doing the best we can with what we have been given. As we move along this journey, we gather tools that will help make our experience a little smoother and help it to make more sense to us.

This gathering of tools is something all of us do, whether we realize it or not. For some, it is joining a religion. For others, it is yoga/meditation. For my husband, it is playing the drums (loudly and for long periods of time) and mountain biking. For me, the tools I use have turned into The Salty Blossom: yoga, meditation, crystals, Reiki, & Akashic Records. 

Of that list of tools, the Akashic Records is both the most helpful and simultaneously the most difficult to explain to others. In my opinion, there is no description that makes it match the experience of simply trying it out. Each attempt to describe it leaves the person feeling either more confused or really feeling like they have stepped into a weird woo woo alternate universe. 

So...with that said...ya, sure, let me try to explain it.

The Akashic field is a space where all information can be found. All information. Past, present, and future possibilities. An Akashic Records Reader is someone who has learned how to access and interpret that field of information. We access the information by asking directed questions. Some believe that the Akashic Records are presided over by Spirit Guides and that it is the Spirit Guides with whom a reader communicates with during a session. 

Think of the Akashic Records like Google. When you have a question, you google it. You "google it" by typing the question into the search engine and information appears. The more specific the question you type in, the more specific the information will be that you receive. The Akashic Records are exactly the same.

In this scenario, Google is a metaphor for the Akashic field. The person typing in queries is you. The Akashic Records Reader (me) is the internet that takes your query and deciphers answers for you.

So, in an Akashic Records Session, I will open your Records which means I access your person Google query, where all information about you resides. You can ask questions about the past or about the present. You can ask about past lives. You can ask about future possibilities. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. Not happy with the "search results"? Ask your question again, in a slightly different way, just like you would do on Google.

Google really only works if you have an internet connection, right? Even this part of the metaphor applies to the Akashic Records. As the Reader, I open the connection and access the information; however, the information received is dependent on you as well. You are the router. The more open and connected you are, the more information you will receive. You must be open to information (possibilities) in order to receive information (possibilities). 

There you go. The Akashic Records is like your own personal Google. For your specific life. It holds all of the information from every thought, feeling, or action you have taken in this life and all past lives. Ask questions during a session to receive clarity and understanding for your current situation. 

The tool of the Akashic Records has been of the greatest value to me on my journey. It provides affirmation of my thoughts and decisions. It also provides an understanding of events and situations. 

The largest hurdle to the Akashic Records is convincing people just to try it. It is an unknown, which can make it feel scary. To learn a little bit more and to see a list of sample questions that are common to ask, read through the blog posts and visit the Akashic Records section of the website. To gain some confidence in the idea, scan the testimonials below. When you finally decide to give in and give it a try, book a session. I can't wait to work with you.


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