Crystal Corner: Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is the first crystal I ever used that I wasn't in love with. 

That is to say... Chrysoprase can be found in the most BEAUTIFUL hues of pale green. It makes my heart sing just to look at it! Dalmation jasper? Give me a break. A stone that has polka dots in it? Count me in! Don't get me started on Lemurian quartz. A stone that is associated with a mythological society that valued peace and progress? Yup, I want those stones everywhere in my house and in my pockets.

Do you see what I mean? My previous self found nothing special in black tourmaline. Black. Ugh, boring. It's not even shiny. Kinda falls apart if you handle it too roughly. No redeeming qualities. Or so I thought.

When I initially thought about purchasing some crystals, I followed my beauty instincts and found those that made me feel naturally happy. That was stage 1. Stage 2 began when I realized that maybe there was a bit more to crystals than meets the eye. 

At the time, I was struggling with daily anxiety. I sat down, did some internet research, and decided I would order black tourmaline. When it arrived in the mail, I took the following steps:

  1. I berated myself for even thinking crystals were a viable tool to help me.
  2. I made sure no one else was around when I opened the package (lest they judge me any further than I was judging myself). 
  3. I ripped open the package and tipped the contents onto my hand.

What happened next was odd. I couldn't explain it. When the black tourmaline touched my palm, I felt extreme agitation. Uncomfortable. Unstable.

I put it down and walked away. Standing at a distance from the stone, I felt fine. No issues other than my constant resting state of anxiety. I returned and picked it up. Awful discomfort. Throw it down and walk away. I repeated this pattern until I convinced myself that something tangible was happening to me when I held the stone.

What I have come to understand through the years is that if you have a visceral reaction to a stone (from either looking at it or holding it) this is a stone that represents a weakness within you. It is something that you would benefit from working with.

And so it was with me and black tourmaline.  Struggling with anxiety, establishing a sense of grounding and release of emotion was a weakness. This is something I had to learn. This is something that black tourmaline offered.

Over the next week or two, I would hold black tourmaline for small increments of time, until I felt like I simply had to throw it across the room. Just 5 minutes. Then 10. Possible a bit more as the weeks progressed. Now, black tourmaline is a go to for me. It is the stone I reach for the moment I feel anxiety rising or if I feel I need protection from negative vibes.

Black tourmaline is an incredibly grounding stone. I recommend it for people whose natural state tends towards anxiety. This stone will pull you down and protect you from other people's energies, which often cause some of our anxieties! After this happens, you will be able to look at issue and situations with a more logical perspective instead of insane emotion. You will feel the true emotion instead of the hyped up version that our minds created. 

Important Note: While I recommend black tourmaline for grounding, there are many stones that help with this. If you are someone who tends towards depression (as opposed to anxiety), I do not recommend black tourmaline. It is so incredibly grounding, that it could pull you all the way down to a depressive state. Try a lighter grounding stone, such as picture jasper, red jasper, or even hematite.

Another aspect of black tourmaline is the ability to purify. It will purify your physical body from chemical toxins and your emotional body from energetic toxins. If I choose to have a drink and then feel lousy the following day, black tourmaline is what I grab. If I feel "contaminated" by another's energy or just have that general feeling of ickiness, do yourself a favor and put some in your pocket.

And let us not forget about its ability for protection. If you know you will be around a lot of people or maybe just one person whose energy does not vibe with you, wear it as a protective measure. I always think to myself, "Negative energy cannot even find me" when I am wearing black tourmaline.

While black tourmaline and I got off to a rough start, it was worth the challenge. We are now BFFs with no end in sight. If you are looking for grounding, release of anxiety, purification, and protection, look no further. You've met your match.

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