The Beauty of Fluorite!

Oh fluorite, how I love thee. Let me count the ways:

1. You're oh so pretty.

2. You're gorgeousness is beyond belief.

3. Your beauty is unmatched in all the realms.

Indeed this is how many people feel about fluorite! It is one of the most sought after crystals and for good reason. Although you can purchase fluorite in many shapes and variations, it naturally forms as cubes (sometimes called pyramids). The fact alone that earth can produce shapes and colors like this is perhaps part of the wonderment of this stone. 

However, let us not discount its properties! Fluorite is a stone that brings harmony to chaos, organization to the messiest mess. Although this stone can enhance spirituality, we will feel its effects most strongly on the mind. It both cleanses and energizes! It clears negativity and, by doing so, helps you to feel optimistic clarity about situations. It increases your energy, which allows creativity and awareness to flow unimpeded through the body and mind.

Fluorite works on bringing clarity to the chatter in our minds. A great stone for those who need to focus on a project or for those who are overthinking a situation. Fluorite is also great for emotional murkiness, those times when you feel hung up on conflicting emotions of a situation. 

Each color of fluorite will have additional properties; however, the overall feeling of any type of fluorite will be clarity, energy, and joy (optimism). 

And also, did I mention how beautiful it is??

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