Past Life Reveal & Healing
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Past Life Reveal & Healing

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*Must be 18 years old*

One of the great gifts of the Akashic Records is the ability to learn about past lives. We carry patterns and habits from past lives in our current lives. Sometimes this is helpful; however, if you are carrying a negative pattern, this can impact your current life in unwanted ways.

In an Akashic Records Consult, your Guides share information with you; however, they will never share anything that you are not ready to handle. In the Past Life Reveal & Healing, we will access your Records and ask for information about a past life that you are ready to work with and heal from. After sharing this information, the Guides will also share instructions on how to work with the information. Approximate one week later, we will meet for a follow-up Akashic Reiki Session, where we will enter your Records, ask follow-up questions, and then receive a Reiki Healing.

Working with past lives is incredibly fulfilling and has direct impacts on your current life; however, it is hard work! Danielle is ready to support you on this path.

Past Life Reveal & Healing:

  • 1 Akashic Records Consult
  • Instructions from your Guides
  • 1 Akashic Reiki Session



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