Noble Integrity Mala
Noble Integrity Mala
Noble Integrity Mala
Noble Integrity Mala
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Noble Integrity Mala

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The energy of this mala is regal. It carries all of the properties that we may associate with the just and fair individual, a leader of his/her own life. While the ocean agate provides balance and stability to see events clearly, the aquamarine provides the calm and cool courage required to communicate your truth. Pegmatite/spinel/muscovite revitalizing and positive energy that allows you to tap into latent talents while the black onyx offers the discipline to see tasks through. Shattuckite is a powerful stone that enhances intuition and leads to the observance of truth in all things and as for the variscite, well my friends, this is joy, love, and compassion infused with Light energy. When wearing this mala, you will proceed with honor, truth, integrity, and joy.

Malas are a string of beads that have many uses. Some people use them in meditation or prayer to count mantras or breaths. Malas also symbolize our intentions, keeping them close to the heart.

This mala is composed of 108 beads with a guru bead and a pendant. It is hand-knotted between each bead with silk thread. The mala beads are ocean agate, pegmatite, aquamarine, shattuckite, and variscite. The guru bead is black onyx and the mala is finished with a wooden pendant, hand-painted by a small business in Virginia. The pegmatite beads contain a mixture of pegmatite, spinel, and muscovite. 

The mala is infused with loving Reiki energy before being mailed to you!

Stone Properties

Ocean Agate - Stability, balance of emotional/physical/intellectual energies

Pegmatite - Comfort, relieve stress, calm, bring out latent talents

Spinel - Energizing, revitalizing, release resistance, calming

Muscovite - Highly positive, mental stimulation, clear thinking, protective

Aquamarine - Calming, cooling, courage to communicate clearly, empowering: not all power comes from force

Shattuckite - Intuition, spirit communication, communication of wisdom, sharing truth 

Variscite - Love and compassion, joy, soothing, integrates Light energy into the physical body

Black Onyx - Inner strength, discipline, endurance, self-mastery



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