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Jasper Mala - Necklace - The Salty Blossom

Jasper Mala


Malas are a string of beads that are used in meditation or prayer to count mantras or breaths. Malas also symbolize our intentions, keeping them close to the heart.

This mala is composed of 108 beads with a guru bead and a pendant. The mala beads are impression jasper, red jasper and fancy jasper. A black lava rock is the guru bead with a wooden, hand-painted pendant.

Some people believe that every stone has different properties attributed to them. The stones used in this piece have been found to have the following properties:

  • Impression Jasper: Tranquility, balance, align body/mind/spirit
  • Red Jasper: Physical strength and vitality, stamina, creative energy
  • Fancy Jasper: Grounding mental energy, steady healing

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