Crystal Box
Crystal Box
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Crystal Box

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One of the most fun talents that Danielle has discovered since she started down this path is her ability to choose the *perfect* crystals for people. (Similar to Ollivander.) With the Crystal Box, receive a box of crystal goodies intuitively chosen for you by Danielle. The crystals are lovingly packaged and are accompanied by a letter describing their meanings and suggested uses.

If you would like to make this a monthly event, use the "Subscription" option! By using the subscription option, you will never be prompted once a month to remind you to purchase the next box. You will never be automatically charged - you always have the option to NOT purchase or to unsubscribe.

3 Options:

  • Crystal Box ($30) - A smaller box containing crystals chosen just for you.
  • Crystal Box ($50) - A larger box containing crystal chosen just for you. Might be several small crystals or 1-2 larger crystals.
  • Crystal Box with Bracelet ($50) - This box contains the amount of crystals included in the smaller box with the addition of one bracelet chosen for you.

*The image shows an example box. Your box will contain different items!



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