Chakra Mala - Necklace - The Salty Blossom
Chakra Mala - Necklace - The Salty Blossom
Chakra Mala - Necklace - The Salty Blossom
The Salty Blossom

Chakra Mala

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Malas are a string of beads that are used in meditation or prayer to count mantras or breaths. Malas also symbolize our intentions, keeping them close to the heart.

This mala is composed of 108 beads with a guru bead and a pendant. The mala beads are picture jasper, orange jade, yellow calcite, serpentine, amazonite, apatite and purple aventurine. The guru bead is peace jade and the pendant is a wooden, hand-painted pendant

Some people believe that every stone has different properties attributed to them. The stones used in this piece have been found to have the following properties:

  • Picture Jasper (root chakra): Inner awareness, protection, calm
  • Orange Jade (sacral chakra): Stimulating energy, joy, opens heart to compassion for all, heals heart, teaches the interconnectedness of all beings
  • Yellow Calcite (solar plexus chakra): Sweet hope, optimism, energy, self-confidence
  • Serpentine (heart chakra): Established natural flow of healthy energy, release of fear, peace
  • Amazonite (throat chakra): Truth, communication, harmony
  • Apatite (third eye chakra): Mental clarity, inner vision, manifestation for the highest good, uplifting energy, communication
  • Purple Aventurine (crown chakra): Balance of yin/yang, motivation, authenticity
  • Peace Jade: Peace

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