Abundant Perspectives Mala
Abundant Perspectives Mala
Abundant Perspectives Mala
Abundant Perspectives Mala
Abundant Perspectives Mala
Abundant Perspectives Mala
Abundant Perspectives Mala
Abundant Perspectives Mala
Abundant Perspectives Mala
The Salty Blossom

Abundant Perspectives Mala

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Take another look...you'll see something different with each glance. From colors, textures, and shapes, this mala has it all! Just like you do. It is easy to get caught up on everything we don't have or everything that is going "wrong". Take another look...see everything from a different perspective. There is more inside you than you know. Your weakness is actually your strength. Was that bad luck or was it the event that placed you on your path? Take another look...you have everything you need. It's time to see things differently. 

Malas are a string of beads that have many uses. Some people use them in meditation or prayer to count mantras or breaths. Malas also symbolize our intentions, keeping them close to the heart.

This mala is composed of 108 beads with a guru bead and a pendant. It is hand-knotted between each bead with silk thread. The mala beads are: orbicular jasper, phosphosiderite, amazonite, moss opal, sea jasper, apatite, pink tourmaline, labradorite, rhyolite, yellow calcite, jade, and lapis lazuli. The guru bead is prehnite and the mala is finished with a sea jasper pendant.

The mala has been infused with loving Reiki energy before being mailed to you!

Stone Properties

Orbicular Jasper: grounding, protection, patience, nurturing energy

Phosphosiderite: gentle and relaxing love, stress relief, connection with your spiritual path

Amazonite: truth, communication, harmony

Moss Opal: healing past wounds, prosperity, grounding spiritual energy in the physical body, personal goals

Sea Jasper: joy, benevolence, focus on the positive, relaxation

Apatite: mental clarity, inner vision, manifestation for the highest good, uplifting energy, communication

Pink Tourmaline: love, emotional healing, calming, uplifting

Labradorite: intuition, protection

Rhyolite: inner strength, acceptance of the past, self respect, insight during confrontations

Yellow Calcite: sweet hope, optimism, energy, self-confidence

Jade: health, abundance, harmony, happiness

Lapis Lazuli: inner vision, truthful communication, regal energy

Pyrite: protection from negative energy, vitality, confidence, self-worth

Serpentine: established natural flow of healthy energy, release of fear, peace

Prehnite: joy, peace, stable energy, connection of heart’s desire and inner will



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