Weekly Crystal Message - Week of February 7, 2021

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Chrysoprase: The theme for you this week is compassion! Chrysoprase is a heart stone that awakens compassion for all things. Did you know that compassion and anger cannot coexist? Think about this as you progress through the week. Where can you shine the light of compassion? An annoying family member? A negative coworker? When was the last time you truly showed compassion to yourself? 
Mookaite: Mookaite is a type of jasper that is all about physical vitality. You may feel full of energy this week. (If not, ask for some mookaite energy to fill you up!) Mookaite fosters a "young at heart" attitude. Some even say it slows the aging process. This is a week to feel rejuvenated, youthful, and full of joy. Enjoy!
Rhyolite: Rhyolite is one of my favorites. This is a balancing stone that helps you to stay present. It is a stone of resolution, allowing changes to happen without stress and even with a sense of happiness. With rhyolite on your side, this is a good week to decide to change a habit or even tackle a problem that has been looming. You got this!


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